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Empowering Small Business to Repay Debt

The Coming Paradigm Shift from Creditor to Debtor in Loan Repayment Solutions 

Determining Debtor Needs; Offering Best Practices

NCARA listens to small business by asking directly: “What’s important to you, and why?”

NCARA is leading the way at this time, because, with 37 years’ experience to back it up, it understands this need for a paradigm shift at this time. To accomplish this objective, NCARA also seeks to listen to small business and identify its financial needs during difficult economic periods. This is done by asking small business owners directly, what’s important to them, and why. Then, provides financial guidance and tools in order for them be in a position to assume the lead role. 


However, NCARA itself, is not the sole provider of these resources. NCARA is an association of interested participants, subscribers, who are knowledgeable and willing to share their expertise to help inspire small business. These subscribers, including credit professionals, debtors, creditors, and others are invited to share their own success stories, best practices, financial tools, and experiences on those select topics identified by small business, including a myriad of pertinent credit-related subjects. NCARA, an association ‘hub’, will regularly publish select subscriber responses for the benefit of small business and other interested parties. 

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